Big Bear Renaissance Faire


My Turkish husband “Jack” first saw a Renaissance Faire with me in the foresty mountains of Big Bear, California in 2015.  I went to the 2014 Big Bear Renaissance Faire alone.  In 2016, Jack and I were having such a difficult time just trying to find a home that we did not attend.  Now, in August of 2017, the last weekend of the faire calls to us.  We hope to stroll again among the knights and ladies, fairy children, castle gates. Join us in this colorful world where you will be amazed at what you may see.

If you like my photos, slideshow, and video, please check out my books.  I wrote a fantasy novel about Selah who escaped an evil tower in the desert and followed Micah up the mountains where she felt her first rainfall and touched her first trees. I wrote a science fiction novel about Miranda who cared for the earth’s last tree and traveled back in time to meet her great, great-grandmother Gabrielle, who saved tree seeds for the future.


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Lonna Sells Her Books

Watch Lonna Lisa Williams sell her books in the California mountains, at Big Bear Lake’s Copper Q Cafe, 2 summers in a row (2014 and 2015).  She should be there again this August, so come meet her and get your signed copy!  In the meantime, please buy her Kindle eBooks for just $2.99.  You can download a free Kindle reader to any smartphone, tablet, or computer.  If you like traditional style, Lonna’s paperbacks are about $10.  Enjoy!

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A Maori boy in New Zealand wears a “Lord of the Rings” Gondor helmet and holds a Frodo “Sting” sword and a silver shield.

Silver is a semi-precious metal and a color.  I prefer wearing silver jewelry to gold because silver is softer, like moonlight on a mountain lake, not glaring like the gold-wrought sun over a desert.  I like wearing royal blue clothes with silver highlights.  Silver is a pure metal, and in Medieval times, it was thought to protect against evil (for example, silver could kill werewolves and vampires).  In Medieval times, only royalty could afford silver spoons and cups, and little flakes would break off and be eaten, so rich people were often healthier than poor people (it also helped that they had dry, warm houses, nice clothes, and a good diet).  We say, “He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth” to refer to a rich kid.  Today, tiny pieces of silver suspended in water can actually be drunk as a natural antibiotic.  You can buy “colloidal silver” at a health food shop.  I’ve used it; it really works!  Also, in World War II, the U.S.A. used silver-plated airplanes to protect pilots from radiation.

Anyway, I always use silver in my fantasy novels.  In “Selah of the Summit,” a slave girl fights off her evil master and his witchcraft with a silver pendant and (later) a silver sword.  As a Christian, I believe I shouldn’t fight with a real metal sword.  Jesus said, “Love your enemies and do good to those who persecute you” and “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.”  So, if I wear armor like a helmet, breastplate, and shield–with a sword–it is only a symbol of a kind of spiritual warfare, like good fighting against evil.  Selah fought an evil wizard and his soldiers who enslaved people.  After she found freedom and journeyed to the top of the mountain, she returned to the desert to free others.  Life is always a battle.  What evil forces do you have to stand against–or advance toward–for the sake of helping someone?

Read more about Selah and her silver adventures here.

Read about my true battle with cancer (18 years ago) here.

Writing my Way Home for Christmas


Jessica as an angel and Jonathan as a gold-crowned king in a California play 2004 

Help me write my way home to see my children in California.  I haven’t seen Jessica (21) and Jonathan (18) in the 3 years I’ve been teaching English overseas.  After I got divorced from their father (who got everything, including them), I couldn’t find a teaching job in America, so I went to Russia in October, 2010.  After 6 frozen months, I flew to Turkey where I lived and taught for 2.5 years.   I met my Turkish husband there.  After nearly getting arrested for writing about the Turkish freedom protests and posting a photo, I went (with my Turkish husband) to teach English in China just 2 months ago.

In all these ups and downs, I’ve been able to support myself.  But I haven’t bought a much-needed new computer (my old Apple laptop is 9 years old and very slow).  I haven’t taken a real vacation.  And I haven’t been able to afford a trip back to Los Angeles to see my children.

From Sunday, November 3 to Sunday, November 10, all 5 of my books are only $.99 (less than a dollar) for Kindle format.  You can pick from my true cancer survival story, travel adventures, science fiction, and fantasy.  Or you could splurge and pay $9.99 for a paperback.  My books encourage people to survive anything, and they make great Christmas presents.  Light can shine in the darkest places.

Please buy one of my books for a friend, think of me, and share my story.

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Jessica, me, and Jonathan in California in 2010 before I left to teach overseas

Selah’s Escape


Do you ever feel like you’re in a situation that is impossible to escape?  Selah the slave girl felt this way.  She had always been a slave, and escape from her master and the stone walls of his Keep seemed as unlikely as opening a locked, iron door with only her fingertips.

One day, a stranger appeared at the Master’s table.  He spoke to Selah as she filled his glass with water she had fetched from the desert well.

“Tonight you will be free,” Micah promised, his face partly hidden by the green hood of his cloak.

He slipped a cold object into her hot, weary hand–a snowflake that did not melt.  That very night, Micah led Selah through a secret door, across the desert, and to the distant mountains where rain fell, rivers flowed among trees toward lakes, and snow gathered at the Summit.

Once I felt like I would never escape an abusive marriage.  I wrote my prisoner’s emotions into my fantasy novel.  Journey with me and Selah the slave girl to a mountaintop that touches stars.  Maybe you, too, will find escape.


Time is Like a River


Time is like a river that flows past us, like children who quickly grow up and leave as a current journeys toward the sea.  Enjoy Chapter Twelve of my book, Fire and Ice:

Despite the obvious risks and warnings, I would let Jessica drive our little Saturn car to Forest Falls, so she could practice for her driver’s license, and we could walk together there.  We would roll the windows down and let the air sweep up our hair and laughter.  We whisked by desert plains that rose slowly toward the mountains.  Cactus, sand, and golden hills gave way to sharp green cliffs and oak trees, and then a gorge filled with marbled granite that had swept down on torrents from the summit.  To our right, the river (I will call it Selah’s River), cut into the mountain’s lower walls.  Willow trees clustered around the cold, clear pools between the rocks, and people sometimes parked beside the road and climbed down to wade or swim there. Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Green

Once I owned real “Lord of the Rings” armor. I had a Sting sword and a winged Gondor helmet. I lived in New Zealand with my two children, in an old Maori village on the South Island. My children would play with the armor (under my supervision, of course), and I would take photos of them with the local children, creating scenes as in my fantasy novels.

In this photo, a young Maori boy poses as a silver warrior against a deep green fir tree. He seems ready for the battles of life.

I had to leave New Zealand with my children 5 years ago. We went back to California, and I lost everything to my ex-husband in divorce court (including my lovely mountain home and custody of my children). My life became a raging battle. I fled a mountain wildfire and then flew to Russia to teach English, landing in Turkey after that.

Read about my adventures in my book “Fire and Ice.”

Enjoy my epic fantasy story about how Selah the slave girl flees desert witchcraft to find love in the mountains–in “Selah of the Summit.”

Life can be a battle. How do you endure the fight?

Selah and the Waterfall

I am obsessed with waterfalls.  When I lived in New Zealand, I traveled around both big islands, taking photos of as many waterfalls as I could find.  Back in California, I hiked in the mountains to find the highest waterfalls.  When I flew off to teach English in Turkey, I discovered Duden Waterfall–the best example of a waterfall in all its mysterious anatomy.  I took photos from all angels, even from the cave behind the cascading water.


My children, Jonathan and Jessica, at a waterfall in Peele Forest, New Zealand

My fantasy novel “Selah of the Summit” tells of a slave girl from the desert who can only look at the distant, snow-covered mountains and imagine lakes and rivers.  She must fetch water from a dusty, warm well and bring it to her evil Master.  One evening, as she serves guests in the Great Hall, a stranger gives her a surprising gift and a promise of freedom.  That very night Selah follows Micah out of the Keep, across the desert, and to the mountain’s edge.  Thus begins Selah’s journey up the mountain to the Summit.

At the Summit, Selah finds the river’s source.  In this scene, she jumps into the water and discovers something amazing:

Selah turned around and looked down at the spring bubbling out of the rock and into the river far below.  She stared into the water, clear and cool.  She could not see the bottom.

She knew what she had to do.  Without hesitating, she dove into the river. Continue reading

“Selah of the Summit,” my fantasy novel


My fantasy novel, “Selah of the Summit,” is about a slavegirl who fetches water from a well.  She sees the distant mountains and imagines things she has never known–like trees, stars, lakes, and snow.  Her Master Regan and The Craft have kept nature from the valleys, damning rivers and turning all to desert.  They weave their material spells upon the slaves, and nothing ever changes.  Then, one day, Regan summons Selah to serve him at a banquet.   As she fills a goblet, a stranger in a hooded cloak speaks to her and gives her one unmelted snowflake.  That very night, the stranger named Micah leads Selah outside the Keep and across the valley, to meet a band of travelers.  They journey through hills, moors, and highlands to Mountain Gate.  Selah finds beauty, music, and love in the mountains.  Regan and his soldiers follow, capture Selah,  and imprison her again.  She must face loneliness and The Craft to reunite with Micah and journey to the Summit.

Here is Chapter One:

“Selah of the Summit”

By Lonna Lisa Williams


The rider of the red horse takes the lead.  Many follow him, on white and sorrel horses, through myrtle trees.  They enter the plain and cross it, climbing hills, high meadows, and slopes until they stop before the Mountain Gate.

“Who are these?” a voice calls from the Gatehouse.

“We are the riders sent to patrol the land,” the red horseman replies.

“Come, give your report,” the Gatekeeper commands.

The Gate opens, doors made of white stone like cliffs parting inward.  The riders enter, hooves echoing upon the slate-paved path.


Water Bearer

As she approached the Great Hall, Selah heard voices and the clanging of metal against crystal. She stepped slowly toward the doorway and peeked in.  Already the long table held a hundred guests.  Serving dishes lined the sideboard, and tapestries covered the walls.  Torchlight danced in the corners.

There were no windows.  And though it was midday, the thick stone walls made the room unnaturally dark.

A lone slavegirl stood by the door.  With both hands, she held a golden pitcher.  She was tall and thin with red curls peeking out from under her cap–and a fresh scar across her cheek.

“Hurry,” she whispered to Selah, bending down toward the smaller girl.  “The Master wants you to serve him tonight.” Continue reading


California Mountains

California Mountains

My beloved California mountains, where I lived in a castle of a house with my two children, Jessica and Jonathan. Now they are teenagers, and I miss them so much! I hope I can visit them soon. I’ve been teaching English in Russia and now Turkey for over a year and a half. I used this photo for the cover of my fantasy novel, “Selah of the Summit.”

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