Darkest before Dawn


“Weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning,” Psalm 30:5.

Sometimes it seems as though the night will never end.  I am writing the 4th book in my “Survival” series, “Darkest before Dawn.” I survived cancer, car accidents, loss of my family, abusive men, and teaching English overseas for 5 years–in Russia, Turkey, and China.  What more must I survive?  How can we all survive what is coming?

Have you ever noticed that it really is darkest–and coldest–before the sun rises?  I often have trouble sleeping and have stayed up until dawn.  Just knowing that the sun will rise gives me hope.  Then, ironically, when that yellow orb breaks upon the eastern horizon, I can relax and go to sleep.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.”  In the book of Revelation (written by John), Jesus is “the bright and morning star.”

I often do my writing at night.  If you like my blog, please check out my books.



Ode for Aaron, Heroin Addict


A thin young #heroin #addict gathered his plastic bag of clothes, kicked out of a #mountain #cabin, to slip into the #night #forest. His parents, “legally” addicted to prescription opioids, disowned him. I pray for something better for him, like #flowers and the #light of #home.

If you like my “photo poems” (based on real people, real places), please read my books.

Opioid Epidemic’s 2 Sides


About the #heroin epidemic: those who take “legal” prescription #opioidssuch as #oxycodone or #morphine are no better than those who take street black. It all comes from the same #poppy flowers of #afghanistan. Heroin was invented to get people OFF morphine. Do not #judge. Help and say “#loveu” instead. This #tiffany #lamp has a #light side and a #dark side, but it is the same #thing, found in a #drug #house.

Read how I overcame legal prescription addiction to morphine, Atavan, and Ambien.

Fire Cover


Shabbat Shalom


For #galgadot, #wonderwoman, who has been banned in many countries for being #israeli–a #poem: My little #silver #star of #david slipped off my silver neckchain. “Am I no longer #jewish?” I wondered as I kneelt to find it. As if more than 3000 years of #history could be erased, God’s ancient #prophesies#yeshua— everlasting #torah, #temple, golden #candle sticks, #jerusalem, #spirit, #blood, and #stone. I have never #stepped a foot in #israel, but it will ALWAYS be my #home. #shabbotshalom.


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Homeless America

Homeless Tents

When I was driving for Uber in Los Angeles, I was struck by how many homeless people live there.  Some say there are 100,000 homeless in Los Angeles, especially in the old downtown area and under freeway bridges.  Shelters cannot keep up.  Soup kitchens have not “seen these numbers” since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Local government does little to help, and the police may arrest a homeless person only to free him or her without help the next day.  I saw a homeless tent parked near a Rolls Royce luxury sedan in the Beverly Hills area.  A U.S. army veteran camped out at a McDonald’s patio with his friend.  A man lay passed out in the street in front of a Starbucks coffee shop.  A wheelchair-bound man visited the local cat lover and his shopping cart near Walmart.  Churches lock their gates as people sleep on steps and in doorways.  A man sleeps on his skateboard under a tree in a Redlands, California Walmart parking lot. Will we only do something about the homeless when they climb over our high walls and invade our homes and gardens?  We take better care of our fashion and our pet dogs.  As an Uber driver, I often slept in my car, homeless myself but with a vehicle as shelter.  Buy my books, and I will help the homeless.  Now I am not one of them.  Like most Americans, I could be homeless again–after one month without a paycheck.  America is falling.

Homeless Tent & Car.jpg

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Big Bear Renaissance Faire 2017


Last night the Queen invited all her court, friends, and their family & friends to celebrate Christmas on 12th Night (in January), as was done long ago and is still done in some places today.  Seeing people who have become family to me, feasting on our homemade food, listening to music and stories, and playing games like the Gift Exchange, I remembered back to last summer when I entered a better Reality than this modern age.  Close your eyes and enter a slower-paced, more fantastical time where surprises waited behind tree branches and in the spark of children’s eyes.

See the video I just posted on Youtube.  Read my fantasy novel.  Celebrate life!


God is My Refuge


God must be my refuge this year.  As I read the Gospel of John and Psalm 91 today, that thought became clear.  Funny how I took a photo of this window with the moon above it. Please read about the moon (and its beauty, symbols) in my books.

Moon Campus

Woman Down


I watched the most life-changing film, “Man Down.”  Not only veterans get PTSD   I have had it since I was not yet 5 years old, when my father shot himself in the head–in front of me–on Christmas Day.  Through abusive men, cancer, and near-fatal car accidents, trauma has returned repeatedly.  Jesus help veterans and all of us who have PTSD.  Woman Down.

You can read all about my journey with PTSD in my 3 nonfiction books which I call my “Survival Series.”  Start with “Crossing the Chemo Room,” then go through “I Saw You in the Moon.”  Realize that I do not tell the whole truth until “Fire and Ice.”

May our 2018 be a year less affected by trauma.  Sadly, I cannot help but feel that everyone on Earth is in danger of PTSD the way things are headed.  Like my Selah fantasy character, may we overcome!