Walk with Me in Turkey


My “Walk with Me in Turkey” eBook came out today after 1.5 years of working on it.  I started by doing photo essays for “Digital Journal” of places I visited and photographed in Turkey (thanks so much to Editor David Silverberg).  One of my photo essays, “Faces of Turkey” even won an award.  Thanks to my friend and editor Jeremy Gotwals of Holon Publishing, who helped design the eBook’s cover using one of my photos, my book is now available in Kindle format.  If you don’t have a Kindle reader, you can download a free one for your computer, smart phone, or tablet.  For only $2.99 you can see the beautiful, historic places of Turkey, read about their culture and food, and enjoy my adventure stories!  What a lot of work (sigh).  Hope I find some readers 🙂

Here’s the official book summary:

Walk with me through ancient temples, churches, castles, mosques, and palaces of Turkey where I spent 2.5 years teaching English and exploring that beautiful country.  I learned the language and culture and even married into a Turkish family.  Stand with me at the spot where key battles defended the land from invaders and where Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, was buried.  See archeology opportunities with Greek and Roman columns and tunnels directly at your feet.  Tour Istanbul, a city built on 7 hills and divided by a waterway that separates Europe from Asia.  Get caught in the rain by the Black Sea, feast on shish kabob in Kocaeli, dance the horon at a Turkish wedding, explore Kar Tepe’s mountain forest, and swim in the Mediterranean Sea.  With my vivid photos and stories, you’ll feel as though you walked in Turkey with me.


Since it costs so much to print so many color photos, my book will probably remain in electronic format (with links to other Internet sites for more information).  Let me know if you enjoy it!  Find it here.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Thankful

Here is a photo of me at Duden Waterfall near Antalya, Turkey. I am thankful for the sunlight that shines on my face, the water cascading behind me, the green leaves blowing a little in the wind, the silver cross at my neck, and the man who took this photo (my Turkish husband who sees me better through love).

Selah and the Waterfall

I am obsessed with waterfalls.  When I lived in New Zealand, I traveled around both big islands, taking photos of as many waterfalls as I could find.  Back in California, I hiked in the mountains to find the highest waterfalls.  When I flew off to teach English in Turkey, I discovered Duden Waterfall–the best example of a waterfall in all its mysterious anatomy.  I took photos from all angels, even from the cave behind the cascading water.


My children, Jonathan and Jessica, at a waterfall in Peele Forest, New Zealand

My fantasy novel “Selah of the Summit” tells of a slave girl from the desert who can only look at the distant, snow-covered mountains and imagine lakes and rivers.  She must fetch water from a dusty, warm well and bring it to her evil Master.  One evening, as she serves guests in the Great Hall, a stranger gives her a surprising gift and a promise of freedom.  That very night Selah follows Micah out of the Keep, across the desert, and to the mountain’s edge.  Thus begins Selah’s journey up the mountain to the Summit.

At the Summit, Selah finds the river’s source.  In this scene, she jumps into the water and discovers something amazing:

Selah turned around and looked down at the spring bubbling out of the rock and into the river far below.  She stared into the water, clear and cool.  She could not see the bottom.

She knew what she had to do.  Without hesitating, she dove into the river. Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Growth

Milford Sound Waterfall, New Zealand.

I journeyed by car, foot, and boat to find snow-topped mountains above water, where waterfalls cascade down green slopes in the South Island of New Zealand. This is Milford Sound in Fijordland. I captured this waterfall from a boat. To me, it symbolizes “growth” because without water, growth is not possible. Notice the little tree at the bottom right of the waterfall. It is happily growing. Jesus said, “I am the water of life; if you believe in me, living water will spring up from your soul.”