Comic Con Pheonix

I accidentally ended up at Comic Con in Phoenix as I was driving from Texas back to California last year.  Without paying a dime, I managed to slip into the amazing world of super heroes, star travelers, and fantasy creatures–many of whom I had read about or watched in movies. Some had inspired me to write my fantasy novel Selah of the Summit and my sci-fi novel Like a Tree Planted.

So enjoy my favorite photos as you get ready to attend Comic Con 2017 in San Diego.





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A Maori boy in New Zealand wears a “Lord of the Rings” Gondor helmet and holds a Frodo “Sting” sword and a silver shield.

Silver is a semi-precious metal and a color.  I prefer wearing silver jewelry to gold because silver is softer, like moonlight on a mountain lake, not glaring like the gold-wrought sun over a desert.  I like wearing royal blue clothes with silver highlights.  Silver is a pure metal, and in Medieval times, it was thought to protect against evil (for example, silver could kill werewolves and vampires).  In Medieval times, only royalty could afford silver spoons and cups, and little flakes would break off and be eaten, so rich people were often healthier than poor people (it also helped that they had dry, warm houses, nice clothes, and a good diet).  We say, “He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth” to refer to a rich kid.  Today, tiny pieces of silver suspended in water can actually be drunk as a natural antibiotic.  You can buy “colloidal silver” at a health food shop.  I’ve used it; it really works!  Also, in World War II, the U.S.A. used silver-plated airplanes to protect pilots from radiation.

Anyway, I always use silver in my fantasy novels.  In “Selah of the Summit,” a slave girl fights off her evil master and his witchcraft with a silver pendant and (later) a silver sword.  As a Christian, I believe I shouldn’t fight with a real metal sword.  Jesus said, “Love your enemies and do good to those who persecute you” and “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.”  So, if I wear armor like a helmet, breastplate, and shield–with a sword–it is only a symbol of a kind of spiritual warfare, like good fighting against evil.  Selah fought an evil wizard and his soldiers who enslaved people.  After she found freedom and journeyed to the top of the mountain, she returned to the desert to free others.  Life is always a battle.  What evil forces do you have to stand against–or advance toward–for the sake of helping someone?

Read more about Selah and her silver adventures here.

Read about my true battle with cancer (18 years ago) here.


Jessica, Me, and Jonathan

Jessica, Me, and Jonathan

My daughter Jessica dressed as Princess Arwen, my son Jonathan was little Frodo, and I was a woman from Scotland in the days before our flight to New Zealand, where “The Lord of the Rings” films were made. After trying to live there, we were forced back to California, where I lost my house, cars, furniture, and even my children to my ex-husband in court. Read about our adventures in my new book “Fire and Ice.” If I sell enough copies, I can go visit Jessica (now 19) and Jonathan (now 17) in California. I haven’t seen them in almost 2 years, as I struggle to support myself by teaching English in Turkey.

My Amazon Author Page

If you like my photos, read the true stories and fantasy novels that inspired them on my Amazon Author Page.

“Fire and Ice”:  Lonna Lisa Williams survived a tragic childhood and cancer.  Then she realized she was an abused wife.  But instead of striking out for a new life, she retreated into prescription medicine that her doctors gave her.  A wildfire burned her California mountains, and Lonna left the charred land and flew all the way to New Zealand with her two trusting children.  She lost an international trial and returned to California where she lost everything in divorce.  Her castle of a home was gone, her children hidden from her, and Lonna’s downward spiral into drugs continued.  She crashed her car in the mountains.  Another wildfire scarred the land when she was staying in a motel.  When Lonna finally abandoned all her medication, she did so without the help of doctors and almost bled to death.  But, like the mythical phoenix bird and through the power of resurrection, Lonna rose to a new life of teaching English overseas.  Walk with her on this journey of adventure, across the frozen rivers of Russia and to the sunset seas of Turkey.  Discover how the extremes of fire and ice can shape a person’s life.  Catch a flame and snowflake in a camera’s lens and listen to the music of this writer.  75,000 words.

My Other Books:  My “Selah” fantasy novel is a lyrical, Christian allegory of a slave girl who escapes her desert prison and witchcraft-powered master to find love and freedom in the Maker’s mountains.  “Like a Tree Planted” is a science fiction story about a teenager from the future who is caretaker of the last tree on earth.  Through a virtual library, she meets her great-grandmother and brings trees seeds to the future.  “Crossing the Chemo Room” is a lovely little book about how I battled a rare form of cancer, surgery, and chemotherapy when my youngest child was just a baby.  “I Saw You in the Moon” is part two of this saga, finishing the stories I began in the first book and leading toward adventures with California wildfires and the glacial mountains of New Zealand.  “Fire and Ice” completes my nonfiction trilogy.


My favorite New Zealand photo of a quiet bay at Doubtful Sound.  My children and I drove a car, took a bus, walked, and cruised on two boats to get here in the late afternoon.  The captain turned off the boat’s engine, and mist drifted over the calm water, a mirror image of the mountains and sky above.  The only sound was one bird calling to another and our breaths.

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