Beautiful Fool


I am a beautiful fool

eyes as aquamarine against faded gold

like the ring my daughter gave me

living in my own dream world

Galadriel of the forest

giving to Arwen

pink flowers in moonlight

standing, frail, against the doom of a sorcerer

waiting for a miracle


**This is the poem my daughter Jessica wrote for me when she gave me this ring:

For My Mother
Whose Beauty Shall Forever Illuminate Through
–& Within–
My Heart
As Galadriel,
the Immortal Lighthouse
of All Forests.
My Courageous
Shall Eternally Protect
–& Reign o’er–
My Spritish Soul
with Grace Beyond
(–Perhaps Sprouted from
the Aquamarine
this Elf
Once Gave Her!)

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Selah Cover


Lonna Sells Her Books

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My Friend Tania Elizabeth


Hi, I’d like to share with you the story of my author friend Tania Elizabeth from Australia.  She is supporting children through Starlight Children’s Foundation.  Here is her bio and a bit about her book.

Tania was born in a little mining town called Dysart in Central Queensland. It was to be however that much of her childhood was then spent living in Cairns by the Great Barrier Reef in Northern Queensland. What a magnificent childhood she had in her possession. Many of her weekends were spent in the countryside and the Rainforests of the Atherton Tablelands where Tania would loose herself in her imagination along with her siblings and cousins in abundance. Tania’s father, Lionel began to enlighten her on how to meditate and understand the sagacity of energy. Continue reading