“Selah of the Desert” Chapter 4


I hope you are enjoying my new Selah book.  Read Chapter One here.


Low Tech

After months of Blackout, the Company finally let Diego call Selah.  Hoping that she would hear from him, Selah got used to carrying her Tech device everywhere with her.  When the call came she was driving back from a short visit to the Golden City to see Jessie. As soon as she recognized the Tech number, she pulled off the main road and parked near a random market.

“Hello,” she said after a Tech voice informed her how to accept the call.

“Hi, Beautiful,” Diego’s voice replied, laughing a little.  Selah smiled and held her Tech closer.  She could not see his image because it was Low Tech, but his voice sounded the same as she remembered.

“Hi!’ she echoed, smiling.

“How are you?” Diego asked.

Feeling a little awkward talking into Tech when before she had spoken IRL to De Leon, Selah told him about moving to a new rental room and visiting Jesse.

“How are you doing?” she queried.  “Did they punish you much?  I got some of your letters.”

“Oh, you know, they put me in The Hole.  They wouldn’t let me call you.”

Selah didn’t want to know how horrible The Hole might be, a place she had never been allowed to see when she worked inside the prison.

“I filled out the Visitation Request form and kept calling the AW, but he never answered.  I left messages with the receptionist, but still he never called me back.”

“Yes, I figured they would ignore you.  They will not let you visit me here because of what happened between us.”

The words “between us” sounded so Hot to Selah that she blushed—though no one could see her.

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“Selah of the Desert,” Chapter 3

Jess as Arwen Sad

My daughter Jessica is Selah One

Here is Chapter Three as I promised.  I hope you enjoy it.  You can read Chapter Two here and Chapter One here.



For a week Selah drifted like a lost soul.  She suddenly had no job to go to, no schedule, nothing to look forward to. She could not see or speak to De Leon. She drove her car on meaningless errands like shopping, paying bills, and getting take-out dinners.  She drank coffee with lots of milk and sugar—as if that would make her feel alive again, when she really felt like some kind of wandering spirit whose heart had been ripped out a thousand years ago.  Even in her dreams, she floated randomly across the shifting desert sand, looking for De Leon.

“Good Cole,” she said one afternoon when her week was almost finished.  She knelt down near the big, black, friendly dog who was more important than she was in the house where she rented a room from strangers.  “You don’t have much to worry about except where you buried your bone, do you?”

Cole shook his tail and coughed (his way of speaking to her).  His brown eyes shone brightly, and he opened his mouth and licked her hand.  Selah brushed his neck and ears and whispered, “You’re smart, aren’t you?  The Maker made you, too.  I wish I could be carefree, like you are.”

Selah opened the glass door that led to the back yard, and Cole eagerly brushed past her on his mission to inspect his area and bark a little.

“Oh, Selah, here you are.  I’ve been wanting to talk to you.”  Bill, the owner of the house, spoke from behind her.  Selah turned around to face him.  He looked a little sleepy, though it was late afternoon.

“Yes?” she asked.

“I need you to move out,” he stated without wasting words, “By next week.”

“What?” she asked.  “I told you that I have rent money to pay you, and I will continue to pay you.  I have other sources of income than the prison.”

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“Selah of the Desert” Chapter One


These are 5 of my 7 books on Amazon.  The one to the far right is my fantasy novel, “Selah of the Summit.”  On the cover, I am Selah, posing in an outfit I wore to the Big Bear Renaissance Faire.  Selah is a slave girl trapped in a desert prison.  One day, a stranger appears at a banquet where she must serve her cruel Master.  He gives her a snowflake, and everything changes.  Follow Selah’s journey to the top of the Summit, as she finds freedom, friends, enemies, and love–along the way.

Now I am writing a new Selah book, set in the California High Desert (which I call the Apocalypse Desert).  A thousand years after the first Selah lived, a new Selah works in a desert prison.  Five days a week, she drives across the Apocalypse Desert to teach inmates.  At Christmas, one of her students gives her a sweet Christmas card, and everything changes.

“You can be walking down the same hallway you have trod for years.  Then, one day, you turn the corner, and everything changes,” is my favorite quote from my Selah books.  Do you think you are stuck on a sad, never-ending, doomed old road?  Do miracles still happen in our modern world as they did in the old days?  May you find help from The Maker, as Selah did!

Geo Prison

Here is Chapter One from “Selah of the Desert”

A Prison in the Desert

           The sun was not up yet.  Faint wisps of pink and orange clouds like feathers drifted above the eastern horizon. Selah looked up at them as she stepped out of the house and braced herself for cold air.  Wind blew down from snow-covered mountains that surrounded the High Desert.  Selah wrapped her jacket around her and pulled on her gloves as she balanced 2 bags, a travel coffee mug, and the scarf she had not yet wound around her neck. Her red-gold hair, annoyingly curly, peeked out beneath a black knit cap.

“It might snow today,” she mumbled to no one as she locked the door behind her and approached a white car that was covered with ice.  “Funny that they call this a desert when it snows sometimes!” she exclaimed, as if the silent auto could hear.  “Now I’ve got to warm you up and melt off all that ice so that we can drive to work.”

She unlocked the door and pushed her bags and coffee mug inside—then sat down on the cold driver’s seat, placed the key in the ignition, and started the engine.

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Apocalypse Desert

Please watch my new 6-part video series called “Apocalypse Desert.”  It tells about my job teaching in a California High Desert prison and how I found love in that most unlikely place, between the prison bars.  My story ties in with my Selah fantasy novel which is set in a desert prison.  Thank you, and God bless you!

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Christmas Book Tea

Lonna Christmas 2018

You are invited to drink tea, eat cookies, and get one of my books for free!  This Sunday, December 23, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., I will be in the lovely lobby of the Ontario Airport Hotel in Ontario, California.  Stop by.  Everyone who shows up gets a free book!  I have 7 books (my true cancer survival story, travel adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and journalistic-style coverage of the country of Turkey–with color photos, links, and interviews).

Instead of “bestsellers,” may my books be “bestgivers.”

Merry Christmas!

Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea (in a seaside cafe near Istanbul, Turkey)

Big Bear Renaissance Faire


My Turkish husband “Jack” first saw a Renaissance Faire with me in the foresty mountains of Big Bear, California in 2015.  I went to the 2014 Big Bear Renaissance Faire alone.  In 2016, Jack and I were having such a difficult time just trying to find a home that we did not attend.  Now, in August of 2017, the last weekend of the faire calls to us.  We hope to stroll again among the knights and ladies, fairy children, castle gates. Join us in this colorful world where you will be amazed at what you may see.

If you like my photos, slideshow, and video, please check out my books.  I wrote a fantasy novel about Selah who escaped an evil tower in the desert and followed Micah up the mountains where she felt her first rainfall and touched her first trees. I wrote a science fiction novel about Miranda who cared for the earth’s last tree and traveled back in time to meet her great, great-grandmother Gabrielle, who saved tree seeds for the future.


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Comic Con Pheonix

I accidentally ended up at Comic Con in Phoenix as I was driving from Texas back to California last year.  Without paying a dime, I managed to slip into the amazing world of super heroes, star travelers, and fantasy creatures–many of whom I had read about or watched in movies. Some had inspired me to write my fantasy novel Selah of the Summit and my sci-fi novel Like a Tree Planted.

So enjoy my favorite photos as you get ready to attend Comic Con 2017 in San Diego.





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