Shanghai Christian Fellowship Sings Together


Shanghai Christian Fellowship sings

Wonder where lively Christians are? Check out Shanghai, China. I visited Shanghai Christian Fellowship (also called Shanghai Community Fellowship).  I saw people from many countries, races, and cultures singing together with love and peace. To get there, I traveled 4.5 hours on a speed train, 40 minutes on a subway, and on foot. I also had to rent a hotel room and eat out. So next time you complain about going to your church down the street on a Sunday where people don’t seem to really care about Jesus or each other, watch my video. Christ rose from the dead, and Christians are happy about that!  The People’s Republic of China allow Christians to meet in this historic church, and for certain services only foreign passport holders can attend.  Next time, you’re in Shanghai, check it out!  Watch the video.  If you like travel adventure, also check out my books.


Shanghai Christian Fellowship is a church packed with people from all backgrounds and cultures



Easter in China

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES People of many countries, colors, and cultures celebrated Easter together at Hangzhou International Christian Fellowship in eastern China on April 5, 2015.  The church was packed, and many people stood or sat at the sides and sang joyfully together to celebrate that God loved the whole world so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for sins of everyone and then rise again with a promise of eternal life.  The Nigerian pastor spoke about Christ’s resurrection and message of love, hope, and unity.   Continue reading



Our social group meets at a restaurant

Here I am, teaching English in northeast China, far away from my children in California.  I miss Jessica (21) and Jonathan (18).  I wish I could be with them.  There’s an old saying, “If you can’t be with the ones you love, love the ones you’re with.”

So here are some photos of my “family” in China.


My high school students and I pose together


Me (in the red hat) with Filipinos, Indians, and Chinese members of a local church


See more photos of northeast China here.

Walk with Me (Kale Içi, Antalya, Turkey–with photo gallery)

Walk with me in the historic Kale Ici (Old Castle) section of Antalya, Turkey, on the Mediterranean Sea.  Stroll on cobbled streets between medieval houses topped with red-tiled roofs.  Browse at shops selling carpets, pottery, clothing, and hand-blown glass.  Drink tea at a garden cafe.  Find a newly married couple posing among flowers, sunlight shining on their faces.  Take photos of the Roman Emperor Hadrian’s gates and a church from the Second Century.  See “Paul’s Place,” which highlights the First Century travels of the Apostle Paul through Turkey, as told in the Bible.  Explore the marina and see how the castle encloses it, with restaurants atop its golden stone walls and a swimming cove down stone steps.  Take a boat tour and see Kale Ici across the water.  You will never forget this amazing place! Continue reading