Stuck in Seoul


I’ve decided to snub the establishment and start my own newspaper.  I worked for 3.5 years as a journalist for the “Mountain News” of Lake Arrowhead, California.  I labored for several years, inside Turkey, writing news and photo essays for the Canadian online news magazine “Digital Journal.”  I even taught Journalism for an American university inside China.

Now I’m just going to bring you strange news from around the world because I seem to get places.  With little money and often just my smart phone camera and my own 2 feet, I bring you photos, videos, and headlines from far-off places.  Some things I report first-hand.  Some may be Breaking News.  Others I may adapt from reputable online news sources.  I may not give you links to those sources.  Look them up for yourselves.  We all should do that, anyway, and not trust today’s Media.

Enjoy my first issue.  It features 2 musical sideshow videos I uploaded to my YouTube Channel.  Photos of Seoul, South Korea:  its people, places, objects, fashion, pets, and plants.  You see, I literally got stuck there on my way to teach English again in China.  China wouldn’t renew my tourist visa.  Now I’m looking for another teaching job and keeping busy with what I do best:

  • assimilate world news
  • write
  • take photos

I hope you enjoy the videos.  If you want to know more about how I got here and what I hope to do next, send me an email:  Like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or just check my YouTube Channel from time to time.

All the best,

Lonna Lisa Williams

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Stuck in Seoul:

Surreal Seoul:


Your author poses in a ladies’ restroom 3D mirror on top of the Lotte Department Store in Seoul


Walk with Me (Kale Içi, Antalya, Turkey–with photo gallery)

Walk with me in the historic Kale Ici (Old Castle) section of Antalya, Turkey, on the Mediterranean Sea.  Stroll on cobbled streets between medieval houses topped with red-tiled roofs.  Browse at shops selling carpets, pottery, clothing, and hand-blown glass.  Drink tea at a garden cafe.  Find a newly married couple posing among flowers, sunlight shining on their faces.  Take photos of the Roman Emperor Hadrian’s gates and a church from the Second Century.  See “Paul’s Place,” which highlights the First Century travels of the Apostle Paul through Turkey, as told in the Bible.  Explore the marina and see how the castle encloses it, with restaurants atop its golden stone walls and a swimming cove down stone steps.  Take a boat tour and see Kale Ici across the water.  You will never forget this amazing place! Continue reading