Happy Passover and Resurrection Day!

Misty Tree NZ

Passover and Resurrection Sunday (which some people call “Easter”) have a lot in common.  They usually fall on the same spring weekend and are celebrated all over the world.  Passover retells the story of thousands of years ago (this is year 5779 in the Jewish calendar) when God sent Moses to set the Jewish people free from slavery in Egypt.  The Egyptian Pharaoh did not cooperate even though God used Moses to show many signs and miracles.  Only after Passover did the Pharaoh send the Jews out of Egypt with added gifts from Egyptians who wanted them to go.

At Passover, the Angel of Death swooped across Egypt, taking the life of every first-born child.  Each household was affected, from Pharaoh with his wealth and power to the servant who guarded him.  Moses gave Pharaoh advance warning, but the stubborn king ignored him, so the Angel of Death took the life of his child, too.  The only way to prevent death was to do as God instructed the Jewish people:  sacrifice a spotless lamb and sprinkle its blood on the top and sides of each house’s doorway.  Then the Angel of Death would see the blood and pass over that house, not striking anyone dead.


The Jewish people were hurried out of Egypt by the mourning Egyptians, and they had no time to wait for their bread to rise, so they ate flat, unleavened bread (matzah).  Their dreams had finally come true about returning to their homeland, Israel.

Today at twilight, all around the world, Jews and Messianic Christians will be celebrating Passover.  They will eat bitter herbs to remember the suffering of Egyptians.  They will eat an egg for hope of new life.  They will drink wine and say, “Next year in Jerusalem.”

Messianic Jews and Christians believe that Jesus, God’s perfect Son who became a man to heal and save all humans, became the Passover Lamb 2000 years ago.  He shed his blood on a cross, the very symbol caused in Egypt at the Jewish households when blood was sprinkled on the top and sides of each doorway.  But it didn’t end there.  On the third day after Jesus was crucified, He rose again, breaking death forever and giving eternal life to all who asked.  This is Resurrection Sunday, which Jews and Messianic Jews celebrate as First Fruits.  In fact, Jesus is called the First Fruit in the Bible.

So Happy Passover and Resurrection Day from me in sunny California!  I have written my own story of Passover and New Life in my books.  May they bless you, and may the living Savior, Yeshua (Jesus) bless you more.




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