Illuminati’s Beast


I see patterns in world news and have been writing about them from my isolated locations overseas these past 3 years that I’ve been teaching English in Russia, Turkey, and now China.  I draw on my educational background in history and science, personal experience, and knowledge of the Bible as well as a certain spiritual discernment.  Call me a type of prophet if you want.

When I was a teenager, I was deeply shaped by the Bible, especially Jesus’ words about the “End of the Age,” spoken in Matthew 24; the Old Testament prophets like Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel; and the futuristic Book of Revelation that ends the New Testament with Apostle John’s visions (which he saw while exiled on an island).

I was also influenced by a little book called “The Late, Great Planet Earth” by Hal Lindsey.  After reading about the “Last Days,” I deeply believed that I might be in one of earth’s final generations that would see the culmination of events prophesized thousands of years ago.

Now my youngest son, Jonathan, is thinking some of the same ideas as he studies the Illuminati.  Although raised in a “Christian” home, he is not sure what he believes, like many 18-year-olds.  He’s creative and thoughtful, and he doesn’t like the “dumbing of America” that is happening all around him, which I see now only from a distance. 

News sources often report more about what the latest hot celebrity is wearing than important issues like our planet’s increasing pollution and depleting resources.  Media features no-brainer reality shows about dumb people who make dumb decisions, drink alcohol, and use drugs.  Pop songs have lyrics that a five-year-old could write, repeating nonsense phrases with no real melody while the singer prances around in weird clothes, seeking adoration and obscene amounts of money.

Jonathan mourns the loss of composers like Beethoven who used a real E minor with all its mathematical and sound-wavelength symmetry, not the modern version that reflects dissonance.  He wonders what happened to writers like Shakespeare, painters like Michelangelo, and scientists like Isaac Newton.  Jonathan sees dark days coming, and so do I.

However, another group would insist that a New World Order is about to arise, order out of chaos, something to believe in despite a confusing world.  The Illuminati claim that they are not a religion, and neither are they Satanists.  They are Humanists, believing in the ultimate power of Man.  They draw from Freemasonry, which some critics say uses Occultic symbols, secret hand signals, and blood rituals.  One famous Freemason, Albert Pike, wrote a book and called Lucifer (the fallen angel known as Satan or Star of the Morning) “the true light-giver.”  American presidents, heads of industry, performers, and CIA members have been Freemasons.  This is illustrated in a film called “The Good Shepherd,” starring Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie.  Do an Internet search on “the all-seeing eye,” and you will be amazed at its ancient origins in Egyptian religion and how often it appears today.  Also check out pyramids and five-point stars.

Hitler was a Humanist.  He believed in a Master Race that would rule the planet, with him as its leader, and he killed 6 million Jews.  He also killed Christians and anyone who didn’t follow him.  The very salute of “Heil Hitler” was a kind of worship.  Hitler used to make people line up on the streets to praise him as he passed, their sound rising above every church bell or university lecture.  He even planned a temple, like one from ancient Rome, to be built where he could be worshipped and rule his “New World Order.”

I think that The Illuminati has the same goals.  Notice how the media has recently been reporting on religious wars throughout the world.  Muslims kill Christians, and Christians kill Muslims.  Buddhists and other religious sects strike out.  Why not just outlaw all religions and make a man replace God?  Why not let science and technology become the highest authority, under control of the greatest animal?  Or synthesize all world religions into one, like the film Life of Pi?

I’ve been watching the T.V. series “Fringe” lately, alone here in my northeast China apartment.  It’s a well-written modern show that raises a lot of questions and, like true science, explores many possible answers, even ethical or “God” ones.  “Fringe” creates the setting for two parallel universes, with one of each thing and person on each side and a glass-like partition between them.  One scientist crosses this barrier to kidnap his double’s son and creates a rift between the worlds that brings destruction to both.  It raises the question that Einstein asked about the atomic bomb project of World War II.  Should we do something just because we can, despite the consequences?

Einstein did not adhere to a particular religion, but he believed in the concept of God.  He influenced scientists from the Manhattan Project who gave the U.S. government a petition, stating why they shouldn’t use The Bomb (which they were in a race to build before the Nazis could).  We all know what happened to Japan anyway.  Einstein wisely acknowledged that humans use only a small part of their brain’s potential and know a smaller percentage of all that could be understood in the universes, dimensions, spans of space and time.  He understood that we are, after all, only human and destined to die.  We can make mistakes and should approach science with humility.

Many of the world’s greatest scientists, artists, philosophers, writers, composers, and musicians believed that their talent was a gift from God, and that by being connected to Him somehow, they could do their best work.  After all, if God exists and created the world, truly He (and some say She) is the most creative of all, to come up with things like the zebra, octopus, and Monarch butterfly.

The Renaissance, which began about 700 years ago, brought a “Rebirth” or Awakening to Europe and the spread of science and the arts.  A New Renaissance has arisen today in Christian churches with the belief that the most creative people should be connected to God.

So where does that leave the Illuminati?  Pop stars, who dominate the music world and Media, flash the Illuminati triangle symbol, one eye, and Satan’s horns with 2 raised fingers.  Are they trying to dumb us down so that they can establish their New World Order?  Will they put a man in the temple of God?  Some people say that the Anti-Christ will come from a religion like Roman Catholicism or Islam.  I propose that the Anti-Christ will come from Humanism, like Hitler did, and be mixed with Occultic symbols and drugs.  Hitler used many drugs (including morphine and cocaine), and he was fascinated by the Occult.

The Old Testament prophet Daniel wrote of the Last Days when knowledge would increase, and men would travel around the earth.  The 19th and 20th Centuries saw the inventions of trains, cars, airplanes, and space shuttles.  We now each have a smart phone to show our GPS location and connect us to our email, videos, music, and Online social networks.  Will these devices be like the “Big Brother” that controls the world, as George Orwell envisioned?

The Bible also mentioned that Israel would become a nation again in the Last Days. This happened in 1946, after nearly 2000 years of Jews being scattered around the world.  The Bible mentions strange plagues and signs that will appear in the sky.  Have you read about the mass dying-off of birds, fish, and even mammals?  Did you know that a “blood moon,” red in color, is scheduled this year and next year at the Jewish high holidays of Passover and Sukkot?  The last time this happened was in 1946 when Israel became a nation, and again in 1967 when it reunited Jerusalem in the Six Days War.

The Book of Revelation foretells a Beast rising out of the sea and proclaiming himself God after dying and somehow coming back to life.  He performs great signs and wonders and puts himself in the Temple of God.  He raises his status above all gods and all holy things.  This Anti-Christ will require all people to abandon their previous religions and worship only him and his monstrous, technological empire.  He may even use something like a Tesla beam to fake Christ’s return and proclaim himself the Messiah.  He will require a chip to be placed in people’s hands or foreheads, somehow associated with 666, the number of a man.  According to Genesis, God created Adam, the first man, on the sixth day.  God rested on the seventh.  We have the technology in place for a man to wield control over the Media and the world.  Have you noticed how many cameras, computers, and mobile phones are around?  Are we ready to receive a chip (without which we may not be able to buy food), lay down our own creativity, and surrender our souls?

We humans are poisoning ourselves with oil products like plastic that won’t biodegrade, smoke that fills the air, and chemicals that enter our soil and water.  In northeast China, coal is burned to create heat and electricity, and its carbon-based smoke makes the worst air pollution in the world.  It covers snow with black ash.  People get take-away soup in thin plastic bags.  Imagine how the chemicals from those bags mix with the hot liquid; and then people eat them.  Fresh vegetables are often genetically altered and sprayed with pesticides.  Even the clothes and shoes people wear are usually made from petroleum products like nylon, rayon, and PVC.  Not only are these clothes more flammable than natural fibers like cotton, silk, and wool, they don’t have breatheability and mix chemically with our bodies when we sweat.  We are, literally, poisoning ourselves.

It is ironic, therefore, that the world could put all of its faith into a man.  Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, not just a man.  According to the Bible, He healed the sick; died for the sins, diseases, and troubles of the world; and rose again.  He promised to return, with all eyes seeing Him come in the clouds with angels and a great trumpet call.  Even the dead will rise from their tombs.

Jesus turned the triangle upside down.  Instead of a wealthy king and his ruling class at the top over the burdened masses, Jesus took all of the world’s burdens on Himself.  He proclaimed that love is more important than power and money and that a true leader is the servant of all.

When my son Jonathan was just three years old, he stood at our house door and looked outside toward fields, trees, and mountains.  He asked, “Where is Jesus?” I hope he finds Him, in his heart, like a friend.  If you’re worried about all that is ahead, remember what Jesus told His disciples in Luke 21:28:

“Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”


If you found this interesting, check out my books.


5 comments on “Illuminati’s Beast

  1. Your opinion is mine too. I love Jesus He is everything to me. I believe that He always lives with me. But world is not knowing Lord Jesus heartly. They know but dont feel Him. Our duty to tell the people that how Lord Jesus given sacrifice for us.


  2. Your opinion is mine too. I love Jesus He is everything to me. I believe that He always lives with me. But world is not knowing Lord Jesus heartly. They know but dont feel Him. Our duty to tell the people that how Lord Jesus given sacrifice for us.


  3. You give the reader much to think about, both intellectually and spiritually. I pray that many people who read your blog, will heed the message and seek God through His son, Jesus. He is the Christ who will return in glory some time soon. Thank you for sharing with us.


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