Antalya Beach


After my big, professional Olympus camera broke in a rain storm at the Black Sea, I bought a little waterproof Fujifilm camera that can easily fit in my hand or pocket.  At Mermerlı Beach in Kaleiçi, Antalya, I tested my waterproof camera for the first time by taking it swimming with me.  It worked!

Antalya has many lovely beaches such as the long, famous Konyaaltı Beach further west of the Old City’s Kaleiçi area, but my favorite is this little swimming cove at the bottom of stairs in the old castle walls beneath a restaurant.  You must enter the beach through Mermerlı Restaurant, pay only 10 TL for the day, walk down the fairly steep stairs, and enjoy a sunny afternoon relaxing on a lounge chair.  If you’re like me, you’ll do more swimming than relaxing.  Don’t forget a waterproof camera!

Read about Antalya and see more photos here:


Some people prefer lounging in the sun, but I’d rather be swimming with my camera


Looking up from the swimming cove toward the Mermerlı Restaurant


The Mermerlı Restaurant offers views of the Mediterranean Sea and distant mountains


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