Life is a Contrast


Daffodils grow by a burnt wall after a wildfire destroyed my hometown in California

Life is full of contrasts:  good and evil, sunlight and darkness, growth and destruction.  This week from Turkey, I have watched sad news from America.  Terrorists exploded bombs in Boston, killing a little boy, a university student, and a young woman.  While the bombers fled the scene of mangled bodies and splattered blood that they left behind them, police officers, doctors, and bystanders ran to help the injured.  It seems that we all have a choice to hurt or to heal.  Like Fire and Ice, contrasts lurk everywhere around us.  It takes years to grow a child, a family home, or a forest tree.  It takes only seconds to destroy one.  May we have the courage to choose the slower path of life instead of the instant flash of destruction.


A field fire in Waimate, New Zealand, where I used to live


Contrasting twins from a “Nutcracker” ballet show colorful reasons to choose life


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