International Women’s Day


On this special day, I’d like to stand with my daughter Jessica (above) and women throughout the world–against rape.  We all heard about the Indian student who died after being raped in a bus, we may have noticed an article about a student who was threatened by her university after reporting her rape, and we may even have watched an Oscar-nominated documentary about rape in the military.  Most of us have a friend or family member who was raped.  Maybe we were.

If rape happens on a date, involves alcohol, and didn’t cause bruises, we might think it was not so bad.  But rape is always a violent crime, and victims can suffer emotional trauma for years afterward.

Let’s light a candle for women’s safety, everywhere.  Women, like a beautiful flower, should be protected.


Photo of a rose by my daughter Jessica


13 comments on “International Women’s Day

  1. Yes! Also very wounding is rape by a family member – the very people who are suppose to love and protect their children. Until there is respect and compassion for all people, our very humanity is tainted. Thanks for a great post for this theme.


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  3. We live in hope and work toward a world where women are free of this scourge. Thanks for sharing your powerful message.


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