Amazing Turkish Arcaeology


The Izmit Arcaelogy Museum 

I’ve been visiting local museums in Izmit, Turkey (near Istanbul).  The curator and museum director gave me private tours.  I took photos of amazing old marble stone carved into Greek and Roman statues, pillars, and archways.  I found Byzantium frescoes and Ottoman fountains.  I even glimpsed ancient coins and gold leaves crafted into crowns and pendants.  Here are my top favorite marble photos.  I just love stone and how it can be shaped into graceful figures and geometrical designs.  Even letters can be engraved into it.  Come and visit me in Turkey, and I’ll take you on an arcaeology tour!

You can see my recent Digital Jouranal photo essays here.


Greek and Roman columns


An ornate Greek Arch


Details on a Roman sarcaphagus


These Roman statues were reunited with their heads


Ottoman fountains


Newly unearthed columns from Nicomedia–an arcaeologist’s opportunity

4 comments on “Amazing Turkish Arcaeology

  1. What a wonderful museum. I really enjoyed seeing your photos. I have seen similar types of exhibits in large museums but seeing them in this setting added a sense of wonder for me. Thanks you so much for sharing.


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