Walk with Me (Kale Içi, Antalya, Turkey–with photo gallery)

Walk with me in the historic Kale Ici (Old Castle) section of Antalya, Turkey, on the Mediterranean Sea.  Stroll on cobbled streets between medieval houses topped with red-tiled roofs.  Browse at shops selling carpets, pottery, clothing, and hand-blown glass.  Drink tea at a garden cafe.  Find a newly married couple posing among flowers, sunlight shining on their faces.  Take photos of the Roman Emperor Hadrian’s gates and a church from the Second Century.  See “Paul’s Place,” which highlights the First Century travels of the Apostle Paul through Turkey, as told in the Bible.  Explore the marina and see how the castle encloses it, with restaurants atop its golden stone walls and a swimming cove down stone steps.  Take a boat tour and see Kale Ici across the water.  You will never forget this amazing place!

My grandmother made me take art classes as a child, and I resented having to spend my Saturdays at the local art gallery, sketching toilet paper rolls and flowers.  Yet as a teenager, I took as many art classes as possible in high school and got pretty good at watercolors with black pen outlines.  My uncle, who was a professional photographer in New York City, let me hold his camera when I was four years old and told me, “Film is cheap; take a lot of photos.”  Even before those art classes, I carried a little auto-focus camera with me on my constant walks.  Then, as a young mother with no time for painting, I put all the art I had learned into my photos.  It’s not the equipment that counts.  I use a little waterproof Fujifilm camera and never a tripod.  It’s the eye of a photographer that matters—an eye for beauty trained by walks through forests and beside ocean waves, by lessons in perspective, color, and contrast.  Above all, it’s surprise and wonder at unexpected beauty found in people and places which reflect God’s vast creativity.  We are surrounded by deadly electronic images of our war-torn world.  I’d like to offer an alternative—a white shell left on the beach after the awesome storm.

Sometimes I think my endless hours creating beauty on my computer is not worth the effort.  Who will care that I perfect the art of mixing words with photos?  But then, I think that my creations are mere reflections of God’s amazing beauty.  I do it all for Him, and I invite people to walk with me through far-off places like a New Zealand glacier, a California desert, a frozen Russian river, or a Turkish seaside.  My computer screen enlivens pictures with glowing color.  Just as I was surprised by unexpected beauty—like serendipity—that waited for me beyond the next bend in the trail or cobbled street corner, I want to share this vision with people living in a world where too many images are deadly.  See sunlight shining on a bride’s arms as she embraces her groom beside pink flowers and golden stone.  Marvel at rays slanting down through pinkish clouds after a storm, with a patch of blue sky in the corner.  Sit in the cave behind a waterfall and look through the cascading stream.  Stand on a mountaintop and watch clouds spread around you like a magic carpet.  Touch fresh-blown glass beside a flame.  Walk with me, and we will see amazing things together.

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