Mystical New Zealand

The color green represents New Zealand, and so does the word “mystical.”  I have traveled to many countries around the world, yet I took my best photos in New Zealand and wrote it into three of my books.  You can see the essence of mystical in the mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers, valleys, and forests.  You can even see a sense of mystery in the native birds and the people who journey there.  Walk with me through images of my favorite New Zealand photos.


This is my favorite photo of New Zealand.  I took this at Doubtful Sound in the southwest.  I journeyed by car, bus, boat, and foot to arrive at the boat that took me and my children across the waters to this spot.  The captain cut the boat’s engines, and the water became still as glass, reflecting the mountains, a bit of snow, and the sky.  A swath of mist drifted over the water, and the only sound I heard was the call of one exotic bird to another and my own breathes.  I held my children’s hands and wished we could always remain in such mystic beauty.  But, sadly, our time in New Zealand ended when we were forced back to California and separated by a California court and my angry ex-husband.  I’ve been away from Jessica and Jonathan for two years, teaching English overseas, but am planning to return to California and share this mystic moment with them again.


My children walk with a group of “hobbits” through Dart Forest near Queenstown.


The misty western end of Lake Pukake, below Mount Cook


Lake Pukaki looking like a French Impression painting, with hues of pink and blue


The misty peaks of Milford Sound


Mount Sunday, the setting for the Viking-like city of Edoras from the “Lord of the Rings” films.


The road to Mount Sunday, an invitation to discover more mystical New Zealand paths.

If you liked my photos, read the adventures that go with them in my new book, “Fire and Ice”:


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