Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy


I bought Penny the Senegal Parrot for my daughter Jessica’s tenth birthday.  He became the clown in our family, getting into trouble by snatching food from the dining table or biting my ear when he wanted my cell phone.  He loved bathing in water, and I used to put him in a cup on the kitchen counter of my mountain home.


Penny would splash water everywhere and look so funny with wet feathers as he tried grooming himself with one foot while balancing on the other.  Jessica and I always laughed at him and his pure aquatic joy in a blue cup.


Jessica turned 20 last month and is now studying languages at her local community college while I am far away in Turkey, teaching English.  I haven’t seen her or Penny in two years.  I believe they wait for me, and we three will be happy again together.  Jessica will once more hold Penny in her hand.


2 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

  1. wow how lovely.
    truely u care.
    it has bn two years bt dnt worry, Jessica en penny loves u so much en they r waiting for u.


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