Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary (Far)

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Solitary (Far)

A lone egret stands in Milford Sound in New Zealand. The white bird is surrounded by water, trees, sky, and the distant, misty mountains. I stood at this spot with my children Jessica and Jonathan, a few years ago. We could feel the peace of the place, solitary in a vast landscape–yet connected to each other. Now they are in California, and I am in Turkey, writing to get back to them.

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7 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary (Far)

  1. I love NZ. We were there last Christmas and stayed for a month, travelling both North and South Island. No country in the world has got such great beauty and serenity, and the people are so friendly( and funny).Their sense of humour is hilarious and nature is wonderfully well preserved. Everyone is well aware of the beauty there and eager to keep it that way. If I could I would gladly move to NZ. They care and they work for their country to stay clean and nonpolluted. You can drink the water in every creek. I could talk and write forever about this country. It´s amazing.

    My daughter stayed for another month to work with nature preserving issues. I think we will all return as soon as possible.


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