Weekly Writing Challenge: Email


I am teaching English in Turkey, in between jobs, barely surviving.  My daughter Jessica is in California.  I haven’t seen her in two years.  She turns 20 in four days.  How can I send her a birthday present?

I open my old Paypal account and send her the last money I have there.  She will get an email telling her of the $45.  Not much–enough to buy a book for college.  She has only one class this semester.  Her financial aid failed.  I feel the disappointment in the emails that she sends me–in what she writes.  In what she doesn’t write.  I wish I could go back and help her.  I wish I could do so much more.

I send her an email, saying how glad I am that she was born.  “I love you,” I write, each letter a pulse of my heart.  I wish I could put myself into the electronic message, like in “Star Trek” when Scotty beamed the Captain up.

I am trying to write my way home to her.  Each post I craft, each photo I upload, each Twitter tweet I send–hang suspended in a virtual world, connections across continents, possibilities of a breakthrough.

Email.  My connection to my daughter.  Light on a computer screen like wishing on a star.




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