Weekly Writing Challenge: Grammar

Well, I have a Master’s degree in English from San Diego State University, a credential, and 20 years’ experience teaching, so I don’t have problems with grammar or punctuation.  I really learned it when I had to teach it!  Now I teach English in Turkey, and it is sometimes a challenge to explain the strange English grammar to the Turks.  Here is a photo of my Turkish students gathered around my old laptop.  They look happy.  I guess I taught them well 🙂


I write this on the board for my Turkish students to illustrate passive voice. They always laugh.

Passive voice: The cat was killed.
Active voice: I killed the cat.

I explain that the cat was my mother’s, and I didn’t want to admit that I accidently killed it when I ran over it with my car. Passive voice is great if you want to avoid taking the blame for something. It’s clever, like politicians.


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