Kissing a Stranger on a Russian Train

Russia is a strange, beautiful, icy, lonely place.  You may find yourself on the train in winter, and this could happen:

Lonely strangers can meet upon a train as it rushes through the long Siberian winter, snow all about the tracks and fields and forests, and moonlight shining through the window of the dark, cold space between the wagons where he takes her for a kiss.

It was the most needed and romantic kiss she ever had, for months had passed without a hand upon her.  And he trembled with her, and also wept, for he had been working hard for the railroad, trampling through the snow beside black metal rails.  Like a scene from a war movie, he is there, his eyes a vague green in the moonlight, his smile so transitory, his hair a type of blond, the smell of tobacco on his breath.  The train tracks click, click, click beneath them, the wagons sway, and then his stop approaches.  It is late, and he must go home, and she must travel further up the line.  He holds her for a moment against his chest, in the circle of his arms, then steps out the open door into a whirl of snowflakes and is swept away.


The above is from my new book “Fire and Ice.”  Read the whole travel adventure story here:


2 comments on “Kissing a Stranger on a Russian Train

  1. Beautiful imagery. I love the way you string words together and the optimism and genuine beauty you find in the simple things. How you can take something ordinary and make it profound and deeply poetic. I’ve really been enjoying reading your poetry.


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