Ataturk’s Memorial in Ankara, Turkey

Ataturk's Memorial in Ankara, Turkey

A live soldier stands guard within his glass post in the snowy landscape of Mustafa Kemel Ataturk’s tomb in Ankara, Turkey. Ataturk was the founder of the Modern Turkish democratic Republic. The memorial is huge, and I toured it all day with my Turkish family.  See my video of Ankara, Turkey and AnitKabir, Ataturk’s Memorial Tomb, here:


5 comments on “Ataturk’s Memorial in Ankara, Turkey

  1. I have never been there even though I have been to Ankara every year since I was five. My grandmother and turkish family live there. Is it worth visiting, and are there any other sites you would recommend? I would love to revisit turkey like a tourist rather than a local- I dont know if thats silly to say:)

    Additionally, I don’t know how well you know about Ataturk but as of late ive been really interested in him. Hes such a dominant part of turkish culture and ive taken huge interest in how much he has affected the turkish attitude. As a half turkish half english girl i feel i suffered a lot of confused identity when i lived in turkey. It was funny when i realised people in turkey suffer an internal turmoil of there own, something namely to do with the fact that they are wedged between muslim culture, and ataturk ideology.

    If it interests you feel free to read my blog. Either way ataturk and his effect on turkey is truely intriguing, its nice to find a nonturkish who has bothered to visit somewhere about him since most of the world dont seem to know he existed!


    • Thanks so much for your great comment and insight. Yes, you should definitely visit Anitkabir. I wrote more about it for “Digital Journal,” and you can read my article here:

      I also researched more about Ataturk when I wrote about Çanakkale and the history behind that amazing place which is so important to the Turkish people. You can read about that here:

      I have a Turkish husband and have been living here near Istanbul for 2 years, so I know a little about how you feel regarding the Turkish identity. You certainly write very well about your feelings. You should pursue writing! I say that as a university English lecturer and a writer 🙂 You can see my books here if you like:

      I will definitely visit your blog. I wish you all the best,



      • I did a degree in English and american literature and philosophy actually. I wanted to pursue writing when i was younger but then moved to turkey for 3 years. The education differed so highly in that it was opposite to english education.

        It didn’t encourage creativity. Reading, writing and speaking turkish and being trained to not be creative… i came back feeling I lost my ability to write.

        Now and again i think a hint of it still remains and oneday i can pursue it again.

        So i appreciate that comment a lot. Thankyou



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