Let Freedom Ring! Short Quotes (aka poetry)

In some countries, under the veil of censorship, black market books abound. People must be free to pick their books!

Censorship exists where truth is feared.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” And then He invited people to follow him, fully respecting their right to choose.

One door shuts, another opens–such a better view than the first!

I didn’t know what freedom was until I lived in a place where there wasn’t really freedom.

Freedom clearly calls, “You have a choice!!” Oppression gives people free refrigerators and iPads while slowly taking away their choices.

Some dictators shoot their people in the streets. Others shut their people in prisons, hoping the world does not notice.

The worst kind of evil is that which pretends to be good, tolerant, unprejudiced–while secretly destroying those who disagree with it.

Truth does not need to be defended. A lie, always insecure, will force itself upon people.

So many journalists risk their lives to tell the truth!

Let Freedom Ring!  One clear sound, a silver bell struck once—not blaring all day long on a loudspeaker.

Truth is often silent, speaking to the heart.

Censorship is alive and well in Turkey.  When will they come and silent me?  I am applying for Alaskan jobs!

I am close to the Middle East.  People all around me are crying out for freedom.  They are tired of religious and political oppression.

History proves that dictators, dynasties, empires—do not stand forever.  The proud do not see their coming doom.

Even the stately building will someday fall, stone upon stone of castle wall.

We all seek a revelation, lighthouse blazing down on our dark path.

I seek a cottage at the end of my dark-wood way:  windows lit, fireplace blazing by a cup of tea, and a friend to whom I tell my journey.

I wished for a golden ring upon my path, but I found flowers.  Which is more valuable?

God’s Good News is simple, so a child could understand, yet men have written volumes of books about it.



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