Promoting Books is a Pain!

I have been trying to promote my 5 books (paperbacks and eBooks).  You can find them on my new Author Page on

You can also read the first few chapters and see some amazing photos on my website:

Lonna Lisa Williams, author and photographer, secretly promotes her books in Istanbul

Not to mention, I have a normal Facebook page (Lonna Lisa Williams) and a professional Facebook page (Lonna Lisa Williams, Writer).

And then, there’s my Twitter tweet:  @LonnaLisa

You’d think, after all this work, I’d sell more books 😦  Oh, well, I ‘d rather give them away.  I offer the Kindle eBooks free sometimes (and, hey, they’re only $2.99 everyday).

So please, hop over to my website and have a look.  I love taking photos (more than I like promoting books).


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